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IT LANDSCAPE™ | Business IT Support Packages in Essex & London

In the fast-paced world of business, keeping a robust IT strategy in place can be a full-time burden. And with so many aspects to the ever-changing IT Landscape™ it’s often hard for businesses to stay ahead. Give your company the upper hand and reap the benefits of our bespoke solutions.

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With an increasing need for IT flexibility, many business owners are looking towards Cloud technologies as a solution to their ever-changing needs. However familiar you are with the Cloud, we will help you identify the best Cloud solution for your IT Landscape™ package that is right for you. From remote working and multi-office use, to the ability to cater for a scalable workforce, our Cloud services offer secure, cost-effective and quantifiable benefits.


With a large proportion of a businesses’ success relying on communication systems, having the most effective system in place is vital. We’ll assess your current communications system and provide you with a robust and cost effective solution with the ability to adapt with your company as part of the IT Landscape™. This might include anything from hardware upgrades, to voice, mobile and data technologies and solutions.


Whether you’re looking for a fully managed IT infrastructure solution or an IT support system to work alongside your in-house IT team, we can devise a solution that is right for you. From hardware installation, to wireless networking solutions, and fixed and mobile voice and data solutions, we’ll assess your systems, implement the most effective solution and continually monitor performance as part of the IT Landscape™.


With most communication and data now received, transferred and shared through the Internet, cyber security protection from incoming threats as well as protection for outgoing sensitive or confidential information is paramount. Our proactive and reactive IT security service not only provides a comprehensive suite of security products and services (including tried and tested firewall and antivirus products), but will also leave you safe in the knowledge that we would be ready 24/7/365 to fix any issues should they arise as part of the IT Landscape™.


Our 24/7/365 IT support service means we’re always on hand to solve any IT issues or queries you may have – however big or small. Our team of engineers proactively monitor, maintain and review your system to ensure it is working optimally so you can concentrate on the things that matter most to your business. Whether you require a dedicated IT management solution or support system alongside your existing IT department, we can tailor your IT Landscape™ package to suit your needs.


An effective and efficient IT strategy is crucial to the success and growth of any business. As part of our IT Landscape™ package, we’re able to offer an IT consultancy service which includes auditing your existing IT strategy, identifying inefficiencies and limitations and providing you with improvement recommendations. Even if you’re a new business, this service will assess your business objectives and provide you expert advice and recommendations on your IT strategy moving forward.


Take the burden off your business with Method IT Landscape. We provide tailored IT solutions and expert support, with all of your needs taken care of in one smart package. View our video to find out more.

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